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Services Offered

I offer a full line of services and the four categories below are what I excel at. Individually, these services make-up the fundamentals of great campaigns, but when combined together in a well structured program that encompasses all the other services I offer, they are the backbone of a business or products success.

Package & Brand Design


I create the memorable flare of what your brand stands for. It can include the name, symbols, colors and iconography that people associate with your brand.


I am an expert in the graphic development of the visual trade dress of your brand. I have over 25 years of experience in the aisle. My sophisticated solutions will leverage your brand position in the marketplace. Leverage the power of a cohesive line. I visually extend the power of your brand to new SKUs within your portfolio, and create one look across the product line that is engaging and open to new product additions.


To experience the true power of branding, all the aspects of your brand need to be consistent. Not an easy task for organizations to do. I develop guides that teach your people the proper way to portray the brand identity and provide tools that help brands succeed.

If you're in need of a package refresh or need something designed from scratch, contact me and I'll help guide your brand in the right direction.

Creative Direction


I'm an Award winning team leader, with a record of success in creative direction and team building. A Creative Director with leadership of creative strategy, vision and execution across multiple platforms using innovative and fresh thinking.


I'm a strong conceptual thinker and creative problem solver with the ability to resolve conflict improve morale and maximize profits.


I have well-developed presentation and negotiation skills. Able to develop productive relationships with colleagues, clients and staff at all levels.

Hired, managed and mentored a staff of 20 full time Art Directors, Writers, Designers and Editors.

Broadcast Design


By combining HD video, motion graphics and still imagery, I create memorable broadcast quality video that maximizes your branding efforts. If you need a 30 second commercial or a 60 minute infomercial, I develop the storyboards, write the copy and even hire the talent. I've directed and orchestrated many broadcast commercials and videos.


I have a small but talented team behind me that does the production and together we create the videos that can propel your company or brand into the future.

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Web Design


The internet is a great place to express yourself or promote your company or image. I've created hundreds of websites, landing pages, micro sites and banners. I can create one that's perfect for you. 

Contact me to start your journey.

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